Full-stack Web Developer (Contract)


Plato is a live platform that lets anyone in your company build internal tools with little to no code. Apps built with Plato are live, so end users can extend them in real time, just like spreadsheets. Plato's unique insight is that rigid, shrink-wrapped apps are outdated and we believe that democratizing software development through live apps is the most exciting thing to work on today.

Plato is a well-funded seed stage company hiring a small founding team. We are a remote company hiring worldwide.

This position is for a contractor, but it has no fixed duration. If you're productive and satisfied, we'd love to work with you indefinitely.


Plato is founded by Michael Gummelt. Before Plato, Michael studied at Stanford, co-founded Heap Analytics, built internal tools at Facebook, and owned the Apache Spark platform at Mesosphere.


As an engineer at Plato, you will

  • Write full-stack Typescript, with 75% being front-end React & GraphQL
  • Translate Figma designs into React components
  • Implement Node.js GraphQL APIs, often backed by Prisma/PostgresQL queries

💻 Technologies

  • Typescript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Node.js, Prisma, Postgres
  • Github, Slack, Google Cloud, Figma

About You

  • You have 3+ years experience as a professional software engineer.
  • You have an eye for detail and are committed to writing high quality, consistent, readable code
  • You have experience writing high quality Typescript & React code. We also use Node.JS, GraphQL, and Postgres.