Founding Engineer (Full-Stack)

Founding Engineer (Full-Stack)

Plato is seeking a full-stack web engineer, eager to democratize software development, hungry to earn an above market (2-3x) equity stake, who can rapidly prototype a web app at a fast growing startup.

Plato is a venture-backed startup that lets anyone build live internal tools without coding. There is a sizable trend of Software-Enabled Services (SES) companies in industries such as fintech, proptech, healthcare, and logistics, each building an unprecedented volume of internal tools to support operations. Low-code products have emerged to satisfy this demand by letting more people build tools, but fail because they force users to think like developers. Plato's insight is to blur the line between user and developer through live apps.

As an exceptional engineer, you have many options. You want to work here because you:

  • Believe in Plato's vision of live apps.
  • Want to democratize software development in the tradition of Alan Kay, Douglas Engelbart, and Bret Victor.
  • Desire the impact and freedom that come with being an early engineer, with the option of growing into a management or architect role.
  • Want to work with an experienced technical founder who values code quality.
  • Want the economic upside that comes with receiving 2-3x market equity in a lucrative field.

👋 Founder

Plato is founded by Michael Gummelt. Before Plato, Michael studied Computer Science at Stanford, co-founded Heap Analytics, built internal tools at Facebook, and owned the Apache Spark platform at Mesosphere.

🔍 Role

As a founding engineer, you'll work closely with the founder, though it is you who will ultimately be responsible for the code base. As the company grows, you'll have the option to continue as an IC, or grow into a management or architect role.

✅ Responsibilities

  • Full-stack development
  • With an emphasis on frontend React.

  • Programming Language Design
  • Plato is not a traditional programming language. It's a visual development environment. But many of the design problems are the same, and you are the language designer, building the primitives.

  • Cross-datastore queries
  • You'll build Plato's visual query interface that abstracts over disparate data stores, including customer databases. Database expertise is not required, but you should be comfortable writing and optimizing SQL.

  • DevOps
  • You should be comfortable with basic cloud deployments.

  • If you wish to grow into a management role, you'll also make hiring decisions and own engineering culture.

💻 Technologies

  • Typescript, React, Apollo, GraphQL, Node.js, Prisma, Postgres
  • Github, Slack, Google Cloud, Figma

🧠 About You

  • You have 3+ years experience as a professional software engineer.
  • You have experience writing high quality Typescript and React code.
  • You live anywhere, but work in an American time zone.
  • BONUS: You have experience or interest in programming language design.
  • BONUS: You're a student of the history of visual software development (Kay, Engelbart, Victor)

📜 Compensation

  • Competitive salary ($120K-$170K for U.S. based engineers. Strongly competitive for international engineers. Ask for more details.)
  • Beyond competitive equity (2-3x market rate)

✉️ To Connect

  • Email to connect and see a product demo.