Business Lead at Plato

Plato is a venture-backed startup that democratizes software development by letting anyone build internal tools without coding. We're seeking an owner of the business side of the company to work as a partner to the founder and CEO. This is a unique opportunity to help run a startup already with revenue and $2M in seed funding. Your title is negotiable, up to and including co-founder & COO.

🏠 Plato

There is a sizable trend of Software-Enabled Services (SES) companies in industries such as fintech, proptech, healthcare, and logistics, each building an unprecedented volume of internal workflow tools to support operations ranging from claims management to data gathering to communications. Low-code products have emerged to satisfy this demand, but they're either built for engineers (Retool) or don't integrate with a company's existing systems (Airtable). Plato lets non-technical users build tools that actually integrate with their company's existing systems.

Why You Should Work Here

  • You want complete ownership over business operations at an early stage startup. You want to jump to the chase and run a startup already with an engineering team, revenue, and funding.
  • You believe in Plato's thesis that traditional apps are archaic, and live apps such as Excel, Airtable, and Notion that end users can mold and extend represent a new paradigm of computing. Read more about this thesis at
  • You want to work with an experienced technical founder you can trust to build an exceptionally delightful product.
  • You want significant equity commensurate with the importance of this role.
  • You have relevant experience in B2B product management, sales, or operations. Bonus if it's at a low-code or SES company.

👋 Founder

Plato is founded by Michael Gummelt. Before Plato, Michael studied Computer Science at Stanford, co-founded Heap Analytics, built internal tools at Facebook, and owned the Apache Spark platform at Mesosphere.

Michael's strength is product & engineering. He's looking for a partner with complementary skills to join forces.

🔍 Role

This role is a combination of product management and sales. You will own all business operations, and work closely with the CEO to design product & strategy.


  • Customer Discovery
  • Our customers are operations teams at SES companies. These companies use Plato to build custom workflows tools when no off-the-shelf software is sufficient. You will create relationships with these customers and apply what your learn to influence product design.

  • Sales & Customer Success
  • You will sell Plato and make sure our customers are happy.

  • Marketing
  • We don't invest much in marketing at this stage, but you will own our marketing site, social media, and blog.

  • Product & Strategy
  • You will brainstorm product features, and participate in Figma design sessions with the CEO. You will be the primary partner to the CEO to determine market positioning and sales strategy.


  • Email to meet and see a product demo.